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  • Shell and Tube Type Heat Exchangers

  • Finned Tubes Heat Exchanger

  1. Tube CACW Cooler       

  2. Radiator and Alternator Coolers

  3. Generator Air Coolers

  4. Air Water Cooler

  5. Stator Coolers

  6. KILN/Raw Mill / ID – FD Fan Coolers


  • CACA coolers


  • Fin Fan Coolers


  • Bearing – Thrust Coolers

  1. Thrust Guide Bearing oil Coolers (TGB)

  2. Upper Guide Bearing Oil coolers (UGB)

  3. Lower Guide Bearing Oil Coolers (LGB)


  • Compressor Air Coolers

  1. Inter Coolers

  2. After Coolers


  • Transformer Oil Coolers


  • Tube Bundles


  • Surface Condenser


  • LP Heaters

  • PHE Gaskets

  • Finned Tubes

  1. Crimped

  2. Wire Wound

  3. Aluminum – L, G, LL Type

  4. Integral – Low Fins

  5. Square and Rectangular Fins



We have trained and experienced engineers and team for Re-tubing, Supervision, erections, and Modification work at Site or at our works as per customer requirements.

Tube Replacement, Retubing, Erection & Commissioning, and  Supervision.


  • We have vast experience in the Up-gradation of the Design Capacity of underperforming Heat Exchanger by analyzing current parameters and site conditions.

  • We have experience in the Up-gradation of Metallurgy without affecting the performance of Heat Exchangers for Suitable Water Quality and Site Conditions.


We are supplying Genuine Spare Parts of Heat Exchangers.

  • Axial & Centrifugal Fan Assembly / Impellers for CACA & CACW Coolers

  • Air Filters

  • Water Flow and Water Leakage Detectors

  • Rubber Compensator

  • Expansion Bellows

  • Rupture Disc for Surface Condensers

  • Tube Cleaning Brushes

  • Gasket etc..

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